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Anaheim, California Thinking Outside the Box

  • Anaheim, California Thinking Outside the Box
  • Anaheim, California Thinking Outside the Box
  • Anaheim, California Thinking Outside the Box

Registration opens November 1, 9am Pacific time.

What? Thinking Outside the Box silversmithing workshop
When? April 20-24, 2023
Where? Anaheim, CA, in the studio of Nohline L'Ecuyer

My philosophy? There is nothing that cannot be done. Together, let's push all of the limits!

This workshop is a 5-day intensive, we will convene for 8 hours each day which includes a one-hour break for lunch.

Students will focus on how thinking outside the box with their sculptural work, from playful and possibly kinetic critters to nests, movable botanicals, and more. My goal as an instructor will be to challenge you to take your work one step further in a playful manner. Demonstrations will include hidden kinetic connections, fusing, carving, forming with hammers and stakes, and more. Students will create several pieces during this intensive workshop.

Five-day intensives give students an understanding of what is involved to work full-time as a silversmith.

The cost of the workshop will include
5 days of training and interaction
1 3x3" sheet of 22 gauge sterling silver
1 3x3" sheet of 24 gauge sterling silver
1 10 ft 16 gauge sterling silver wire
1 3 ft 21 gauge sterling silver wire
Silver solder

You are encouraged to bring scrap sterling silver with you.

Should you require additional materials, please be sure to bring them with you to the workshop. You will find everything you need at Rio Grande. I will also have additional materials to purchase at wholesale cost, should you need.

All tools and equipment are included.

Nohline's gorgeous studio space is well ventilated. However, I encourage you to bring your own eye/mouth/finger protection. For those students with long hair, be sure to tie it back when working with the torch. See below for a description of my studio.
Meals are not included.

Please note that I do not give students specific projects to complete. I offer many different demonstrations throughout the day, so you're welcome to copy my demonstrations or take the techniques to incorporate into your own designs. I encourage you to explore your own artistic expression.

Course Prerequisites include:
It is preferred that you are at an intermediate level as a silversmith, with experience using the Little Smith oxygen/propane torch.

To Register
The cost for this 5-day intensive is $850.
Once I have received your payment, your space will be confirmed.
This workshop is first come, first serve. Space is limited.

Cancellation Policy:
25% of fee is considered non-refundable in cases of withdrawal for all students up to 30 days of the workshop. In other words, think carefully before reserving your spot!
Course fee is non-refundable within 30 days of the workshop unless I am able to fill the student's spot, in which case #1 above still applies.
If I cancel a class then 100% of your fee will be reimbursed.

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The Studio:


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