My work is inspired by everything I encounter in my natural surroundings, a plant, an insect, a bird's nest, natural river rocks, a sound, a glimpse, a smell.

I live in Winthrop, Washington, situated in the North Cascade mountains in Washington state. I am an outdoor enthusiast, gardener, wife and mother, farmer, and world wanderer.

My wearable art is hand fabricated. Many people assume that it is cast, dipped or electroformed. I start with silver sheets and wire, saw, solder, file, texture, form, oxidize and polish every piece. My intention is not to replicate the inspiration, but to recreate it with precious metal with as much detail as possible. My goal with every piece is to make the metal appear alive.

Throughout the year I teach master silversmithing workshops in my studio and around the globe.

My book The New Silversmith is scheduled for release April 2024.

When not in my studio, you can find me in the mountains, with my family and chocolate lab, tilling soil in my garden, or dreaming up our next foreign excursion.