Image of Plant Fabrication Workshop in Brunswick, Australia zoom Sold Out
Image of Plant Fabrication Workshop in Brunswick, Australia zoom Sold Out
Image of Plant Fabrication Workshop in Brunswick, Australia zoom Sold Out
Image of Plant Fabrication Workshop in Brunswick, Australia zoom Sold Out
Image of Plant Fabrication Workshop in Brunswick, Australia zoom Sold Out

Plant Fabrication Workshop in Brunswick, Australia


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What? 2-day intensive - Plant Fabrication Workshop
When? April 6&7, 2019 (9am-6pm)
Where? NorthCity, 61 Weston Street, Brunswick, 3056, Australia (

This workshop is a 2-day intensive for intermediate silversmiths. We will convene for 8 hours each day with a one-hour break for lunch. Up to ten students can be enrolled in this class, yet I will start with 7 spaces since the studio is equipped with only 2 torch stations.

This workshop will be very demo-heavy in the beginning to set students in a direction to complete their individual projects.

Over two concentrated days students will choose one plant to fabricate in sterling silver. I will guide you in how to dissect your plant, create each component and reconstruct the plant in silver. Techniques will include (but are not limited to) sawing, fusing and soldering, forming, reticulation, carving and texturing.

The cost of the workshop will include
2 days of training and interaction
1 3x3" sheet of 24 gauge sterling silver
1 3x3" sheet of 22 gauge sterling silver
1 5 ft 16 gauge sterling silver wire
1 5 ft 18 gauge sterling silver wire
1 5ft 20 gauge sterling silver wire
silver solder

Should you require additional materials, please be sure to bring them with you to the workshop. I am happy to communicate with you before the workshop about your specific project to ensure you have adequate materials.

All tools and equipment are included.

Northcity4's space is well ventilated. However, I encourage you to bring your own eye/mouth/finger protection. For those students with long hair, be sure to tie it back when working with the torch.

Meals are not included.

Please note that I do not give students specific projects to complete. I offer many different demonstrations throughout the day, so you're welcome to copy my demonstrations or take the techniques to incorporate into your own designs. I encourage you to explore your own artistic expression.

Course Prerequisites include:
Experience working with a propane/O2 torch system.
Experience soldering with sterling silver.

To Register
The cost for this 2-day intensive is $400
Once I have received your payment, your space will be confirmed.
This workshop is first come, first serve.

Cancellation Policy:
25% of fee is considered non-refundable in cases of withdrawal for all students up to 30 days of the workshop. In other words, think carefully before reserving your spot!
Course fee is non-refundable within 3 months of the workshop unless I am able to fill the student's spot, in which case #1 above still applies.
If I cancel a class then 100% of your fee will be reimbursed.

More information coming soon

The nearest major airport is Essendon Airport (MEB / YMEN).
Another major airport is Melbourne Airport (MEL / YMML), which has international and domestic flights from Melbourne, Australia and is 21 km from Brunswick, Australia.

The Studio:
NorthCity4 is a spacious jewelry studio with high ceilings and a wonderful collection of plants. There are two large benches with five cut outs each. One of the benches has the layout top on it which can be removed. Both benches are on wheels so can be moved around within the space. There are 10 height-adjustable chairs for the benches. Each cut out has an adjustable bench peg with steel clamp and a lemel bag.

There are two soldering stations, this bench can be turned to run perpendicular to the wall and another two stations can be set up so people are working across from one another. There are two “Orca” torches (lpg only) and 2 “micro” torches (oxygen/lpg).

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