Garden Box, Snail and Mint


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This snail garden box was, by far, the most challenging piece I've ever made, and I am delighted with it!

Admittedly I get bored without pushing myself. To keep myself engaged I regularly set self challenges, or try to drive my skills in new, unfamiliar directions. This snail was one of those challenges.

To make the snail, I started out my fusing and reticulating silver scraps together into a long blob, adding more scraps to the top and middle to give the form some bulk. I then filed the form down to look slug-like, and soldered the slug-form to a scrap sheet to create its "sole". Not happy with how the reticulated blob sat rigid on the sheet, I soldered wire around the edge, and filed it down for a more seamless curve. I added tentacles, eyes, and set it aside.

My next step was to make the shell - a puzzle. I fused together scrap wire, using my pick to curve the shape into a spiral as I focused my torch on the growing heat mass (trying not to compromise the more vulnerable coiled end). Once the large swirl was complete, I filed down the backside and soldered a cup (made with sheet in my dapping block) to it, creating a hollow form. The last step was to solder the shell to the body.

I spent the next day making leaves and boxes, another challenging endeavor.

On this inside of the box is the word "Perseverance".

The snail box is 2"x2". It is 1.5" in height. Use it to store jewelry or other little trinkets, or set it on a mantle to display. This is truly a one-of-a-kind heirloom piece.

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